Sleep Apnea and Snoring

Need a Better Night’s Sleep?

Dr. Alonzo M. Bell, DDS has extensive training in the field of sleep dentistry. That’s why we are able to offer non-invasive oral sleep appliances right here in our Alexandria office.

With our sleep apnea and snoring treatments, you may be able to:

  • See results the very first night
  • Eliminate the use of CPAP equipment
  • Enjoy a quieter, more comfortable way for you and your loved ones to sleep

Who Is a Candidate for It?

A number of factors determine the method of therapy that Dr. Bell takes with managing your sleep disordered breathing. In some cases you may also need to be under the care of a sleep physician or want to try us before seeing one. Some patients have already seen sleep physicians and are coming to Dr. Bell for an oral appliance to use in lieu of their CPAP machine.

Schedule Your Evaluation

For more information, we invite you to schedule a no-pressure consultation with Dr. Bell at our Alexandria dentist office. Financing is available. Call today! Be sure to also ask about our Oral Cancer Screening service. It could save a life!