Oral Signs of Sleep Apnea

doctor examining

Are you someone who doesn’t get much sleep at night, wakes up tired, or stays tired all day long? You could be living with sleep apnea and not even know it. Surprisingly, your dentist might be able to tell just by looking at your smile.

Worn Teeth and Fillings

When you’re sleeping with an inadequate airflow, you may unknowingly clench and grind your teeth together as you struggle to breath. Over time this creates wear facets on your teeth, and even broken fillings, crowns and other restorations.

Headaches, Muscle Pain and TMJ Problems

The extensive stress placed on your jaws can radiate through the TMJ, face, neck and shoulders. Pain may be more prevalent first thing in the morning after you wake up.

Gum Disease

Patients with sleep apnea Dental prosthesisoften have a decreased immune system and are more susceptible to conditions like [gum disease]. Not taking appropriate measures may lead to loss of your teeth.

If you think you have sleep apnea, talk to Dr. Bell or let us refer you to an area sleep physician for an evaluation. Dentists like Dr. Alonzo M. Bell, DDS have been helping patients just like you overcome their [sleep apnea] and sleep disordered breathing with convenient oral appliances that naturally increase your airflow and reduce the stress on your smile. Stop by our Alexandria office today to learn more about our fast and effective sleep apnea treatments.