Dentist extracting tooth from mouth of sedated male patient

Although Dr. Bell always aims to restore your natural teeth, it may sometimes be necessary to have a tooth removed. It is always our goal to help you preserve your tooth with a filling, crown, or a root canal – but if not enough tooth surface is left to restore, then extracting the tooth may be the best way to prevent spread of infection throughout your mouth.

Dr. Bell typically recommends dental extractions due to:

  • Chronic [Gum Disease]
  • Severe Tooth Decay
  • Pain
  • Fractured Teeth
  • Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Removing your tooth is beneficial to your adjacent teeth, so that they are not impacted by the infection, cavity or bone loss being caused by your diseased tooth.

Your Appointment

During your extraction, Dr. Bell will numb the area around the tooth to prevent any discomfort. In fact, all you should feel is some pressure. In addition to numbing the area, [nitrous oxide sedation] is also available to help you feel more relaxed. We want all of our Alexandria extraction patients to feel as comfortable as possible!

Replacing Your Missing Tooth

Dentist smiling while preparing for dental examAfter your tooth has been removed, you need to have a plan for replacing it as quickly as possible. Otherwise the other teeth will start moving and driving out of place, creating misalignment across both your upper and lower arches. Your entire smile can be significantly impacted by a dental extraction – even if the tooth is far toward the back of your mouth.

If you have invested in braces or cosmetic dentistry, you understand how important it is to replace your missing tooth in a timely manner. The new tooth will prevent drifting or movement of your other teeth, preserving your bite. After your tooth extraction in Alexandria, Dr. Bell will review what types of tooth replacement treatments are available. Some of the most common examples include dental implants, fixed dental bridges, and dentures.

Recovering from the Procedure

We will ensure that you are as comfortable as possible both during and after your Alexandria dental extraction. Please take careful note of your home care instructions – avoiding things like tobacco products, carbonated beverages or even drinking through a straw. If necessary, Dr. Bell may prescribe or recommend appropriate medication for managing any discomfort.

Do I Need to have My Tooth Pulled?

Do you think you may need a tooth removed but aren’t quite sure? Schedule a same or next day exam with Dr. Bell at his Alexandria dental office for advice that you can trust.

We are here for all your general care needs including teeth cleaning and preventative dentistry.