Dental Bridges

Dental specialist using a denture restoration moldReplacing Your Missing Teeth

If you’re missing a tooth, you could have it replaced with a dental implant, denture, or a fixed dental bridge. Bridges are permanently bonded restorations that replace your missing tooth with a false crown that is suspended between two functional crowns. The functional crowns are placed onto teeth nearest the missing tooth, “bridging” the open space.

With bridges, Dr. Bell can give you:

  • A functional bite
  • Improved aesthetics and self-confidence
  • A restoration that lasts several years
  • A realistic replacement tooth

Having a bridge made is a very similar process to having a crown placed. Dr. Bell needs about two visits to complete the procedure, as we have your permanent bridge made in our laboratory after the initial visit and impression.

Custom made dental bridgeCaring for Your Bridge

With proper care, your bridge can last for several years. In addition to preventive cleanings, Dr. Bell or our hygienist will show you how to efficiently clean under and around the bridge each day. This prevents bone loss, gum disease, and recurrent tooth decay from forming.

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