Hand holding a full set of lower dentures Dentures give you the opportunity to quickly, effectively and affordably replace all of your missing teeth at one time. Dr. Bell offers three types of denture prosthesis in our Alexandria dentist office:

Full Mouth Option

If you are missing all of your teeth (or plan to have them removed,) full dentures are a simple way to replace all of them at one time. Dentures are held in place with suction along your oral tissues and can be taken out for easy home care.

Partial Option

Partial dentures replace several teeth at once, but allow you to retain healthy teeth that are still present. Instead of using a large “plate” to secure the denture in place, partials simply clasp around the healthy teeth for stability.

Implant Supported Choice

IFemale dental patient excited about eating an apple after new denturesmplant supported dentures (“All on 4” dentures) are a permanent option for replacing all of your teeth at once. Read more about Dr. Bell’s implant restorations, HERE.

What options do you have for your tooth replacement needs? Dr. Bell also offers fixed dental bridges and implant restorations. Call us today to schedule a next day dental exam for information on your smile rehabilitation process.