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Precisely designed, expertly crafted dental crowns rescue badly damaged teeth and restore healthy smiles

Crowns are natural parts of the teeth. They represent the white, visible portion of each tooth when healthy, crowns hug the gums. When marred or weakened by dental decay, gum disease, and trauma, crowns threaten the health of the entire tooth. After all, they cover and protect the underlying structures and tissues that cannot be seen when you smile. Wear and tear, erosion, disease, and other damage to the crown makes your entire tooth vulnerable to deep inflammation or infection.

Once the pulp at the center of the tooth is damaged, root canal therapy at The Bell Dental Group in Alexandria, Virginia, maybe the only way to preserve the tooth and avoid the need for dental extraction followed by tooth replacement. Nonsurgical treatment of the root canals is typically followed by the placement of a dental crown.  

So, yes, our talented dentist, Dr. Alonzo Bell, can rebuild the crown with special materials and techniques. This type of dental restoration may be appropriate for individuals with worn fillings or large cavities. Big fillings are more susceptible to further damage because they have less remaining structure to lean into for support. So, we generally recommend restorations with “greater coverage” to ensure the long-term structural integrity and health of the crowned tooth. 

Dental crowns may also be in order if an inlay or onlay is not sufficient to protect and support the tooth. Again, these conservative options may make teeth with more extensive damage and decayed areas vulnerable to future breakage. In addition to restoring a tooth that is treated with root canal therapy, crowns may also be used for:

  • Tooth replacement with a dental bridge – The neighboring teeth that support the prosthetic tooth in a bridge must be crowned to optimally “anchor” the “pontic” (replacement tooth).
  • Tooth replacement with dental implants – The crown may be used to restore a dental implant, which is placed in the jawbone and functions like a tooth root. Dr. Bell partners with a leading specialist. After our specialist surgically places the implant and it heals to the surrounding bone in the jaw, Dr. Bell skillfully applies the restoration. Once connected to the implant, the crown, bridge, or denture is stabilized exceptionally well in the jaw.
  • Cosmetic purposes – Sometimes, very poorly shaped teeth or those teeth with other severe imperfections may be rebuilt with dental crowns. An attractive crown can be placed on top of the unsightly one. This option presents an alternative to veneers and bonding, which are only designed to cover up imperfections present on the front surfaces of the teeth in your “smile zone.”

Our team at The Bell Dental Group also partners with leading dental labs. We collect precise information about your tooth, which is then sent along to these lab ceramists. These professionals then fashion the crown from quality dental materials, including ceramics such as porcelain, metals like gold, or a combination of ceramic and metal. 

Once your crown has been made, you return to our office in Alexandria, VA. So, Dr. Bell can then secure it to the natural tooth, which has been “prepared” to accept the crown. In this way, the new crown fits on top of the tooth perfectly for exceptional aesthetics, durability, and the healthiest function possible! Call (703) 783-4557 today to find out more and to schedule your appointment.

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