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A better way to straighten teeth? Invisalign® corrects crowded, crooked teeth and bite problems without braces

Dr. Alonzo Bell strives to enhance smiles in Alexandria, Virginia, and across the D.C. metro. He and our talented team at The Bell Dental Group accomplish such dramatic yet natural smile enhancements with exceptional cosmetic dentistry and a range of restorative options, including the aesthetic way to straighten teeth and correct “bad bites”: Invisalign®. 

Straight talk about modern-day orthodontic treatment 

Invisalign® is a transparent and removable way to correct minor cosmetic spacing issues and more complex problems with how the opposing teeth in the upper and lower jaws fit together when you bite. 

Traditionally, braces use a system of wires, brackets, and special bands. These components work together to place consistent forces on the teeth. This pressure incrementally moves the teeth through the bone. Since braces are fixed to the teeth, they can only be adjusted and taken out by your dental professional, dentist, or orthodontist. 

With Invisalign®, you are in the driver’s seat. We use advanced and specialized software to deliver oral appliances customized to fit your mouth. These appliances are made from clear, flexible, smooth, and BPA-free thermoplastic. Place these devices or “aligner trays” in your mouth. They slip over the teeth like a whitening tray or retainer. When worn as directed and only taken out for cleaning and eating, the trays effectively and incrementally reposition the teeth. 

There is no need to wait to see the dentist or orthodontist for treatment to progress forward. With braces, your dental provider must adjust or tighten the wires to advance treatment and for the teeth to move as intended. With Invisalign®, you take the trays in and out of your mouth. Wear them all the time except when they need cleaning when brushing and flossing, and for meals. Also, be sure to wear each aligner in the correct order. 

A series of aligners are necessary to complete treatment. While each tray may look similar, there are slight differences among them. These differences account for various stages of treatment. You will also visit Dr. Bell periodically. So he can confirm that treatment is progressing well and on schedule and provide you with the next aligner trays in the treatment process. Typically, each tray in the series is worn for around one week to two weeks. Total treatment time depends on the number of aligners in your series. And the number of aligners in your series depends on factors such as the nature of your misalignment (malocclusion) and the severity of spacing and bite problems. 

There is no time like the present to get the smile you’ve always wanted or the smile you used to have before teeth shifted or even reverted back to their pre-treatment positions (among those patients who have undergone orthodontic treatment before). 

Call (703) 783-4557 to schedule your Invisalign® consultation. Thanks to this system’s advanced technology and virtual simulation capabilities, we can show you exactly how your treated teeth will look following treatment! You can be confident about this investment in your smile and yourself. 

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