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We restore distinctive and healthy smiles with modern materials and techniques

Today’s dental professionals rebuild parts or all of a badly damaged tooth. Talented dentists like our own Dr. Alonzo Bell at The Bell Dental Group use the latest methods and quality materials to exactingly recreate the aesthetics, strength, and the “feel” of natural and healthy tooth structure. With modern restorative dentistry techniques and technologies, such reconstructed teeth look, feel, and function no differently in the mouth than their natural and healthy neighbors.

In fact, some restorative procedures available at our office in Alexandria, Virginia, actually render teeth that are stronger than natural teeth. This is quite an accomplishment when you consider that tooth enamel is the strongest substance in the body – stronger than skeletal bone

However, the performance materials that we use, such as biocompatible titanium, are unmatched in their durability. Titanium is among the strongest materials available today. So, they are the perfect choice for dental implants. Each implant is designed to function like a tooth root. They require strong, high-performance materials because implants bear the brunt of the forces from behaviors such as chewing (once the implant has healed in the jaw and is connected to the prosthetic tooth). 

These implants may further be connected to dental crowns, bridges, or dentures. To ensure the success of your implant, Dr. Bell partners with one of the area’s top oral surgeons. After each implant has been precisely positioned and integrated into the jawbone, Dr. Bell takes over with one of the restorative options mentioned above. A single tooth may be replaced with one implant connected to a crown, or “full-mouth” reconstruction may be successfully completed with as few as four strategically-placed dental implants connected to either an upper denture or a lower denture. 

Of course, implant-supported prosthetic teeth are not the only options to restore the health and beauty of your smile. We may recommend the following: 

  • Dental restorations that are designed and placed to preserve damaged teeth and to avoid the need for dental extractions and tooth replacement — Options range from composite dental fillings to full-coverage porcelain dental crowns.
  • Precision-fit conventional “fixed” dental bridges and removable partials or full dentures — Our replacement teeth do not look “fake” or “plastic.” These teeth are made to uncompromising standards and custom-fit to each patient’s unique features and specifications. So, satisfaction with their new smile is retained. 
  • Gingival therapies to reposition and reshape the gum line among those patients with receding gums — As gums recede, often due to gum disease, more of the tooth is exposed. Root exposure makes the tooth vulnerable to irreparable damage. Furthermore, we can correct a “toothy” smile with these soft tissue procedures. 

This is by no means a complete list of all that The Bell Dental Group has to offer to restore deteriorated tissues, healthy function, and a confidence-exuding smile. To learn more about our approach to restorative dentistry in Alexandria, VA, contact us at (703) 783-4557.

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